Skopós Consulting empowers businesses to maximize their execution of services through collection and dissemination of clean and effective data, diversification of funding, and implementation of personnel development to increase production.

Benefits of

our Services

  • Help you to STOP leaving money on the table

  • Minimize fundraising costs and increasing revenue

  • We do the work so you can do your work! No more being the CEO, Executive Director and grant writer! We gotcha covered!

  • While you work we write and submit on your behalf. Time management at its finest!

  • Engaging NEW donors on your behalf

Who We Serve

  • 501(c)(3) Nonprofits focused on Social/Human Services.​

  • Nonprofit Start-ups and or Nonprofits established 3 or more years.

  • For Profit Small Businesses

  • Programs with established outcomes, impact and evaluation or programs needing help forming outcomes, impact and evaluation.

  • Have Budgets, Audits, Form 990s, etc. in order and accessible for review or startups needing assistance with 990's , budgets and audits.

  • Established Programs with measurable outcomes or programs in need of forming measurable outcomes.

 Our Speciality

  • Streamlining programs

  • Creating and implementing effective data structures for programs

  • Helping startup create, implement & own their WHY

  • Helping staff activate organizational purpose

  • Diversify Nonprofit income                              

  • Rebranding                                                                

  • Marketing

WE Empower you to... 

define Your Organization's Purpose


Effective & Efficient action plans

execute established 

action plan items